"TM WESTLAND is a brand of denim and casual clothing that has passed several stages in its development:

Comfortable clothing for the working class
TM WESTLAND has American roots: in the 30s of the XX century in America, a small factory W&D Adams Undertaking was engaged in the production of work clothes. The clothes produced by the factory had an original design, and the natural composition of the fabrics provided comfort: even on the hottest day, things did not stick to the body. The convenience of this garment made it popular during the implementation of the Highway Building program in the United States.

American spirit
Over 20 years of successful development, the factory has grown, and the issue of expanding the range of products was put on the agenda. Now the company was called WESTLAND inc (Westland) and it produced not only work clothes, but also casual clothing for Americans, successfully combining high quality, wide choice and free style. A special influence on the formation of the individual style of the WESTLAND company was provided by cinema and in particular westerns, which were created by Hollywood studios since the early 30s.

In the mid-70s, when the fashion for the style of jeans&casual began to form and such clothing in General became available to the General public, TM WESTLAND changed owners. The new owners – a group of businessmen from Hong Kong-have developed a new strategy for the development of the brand: the popular denim trend has been added to the current theme of casual. As part of the industrial boom in Hong Kong, 5 factories were built for the production of jeans, clothing products, cut and knitted knitwear. Centralized quality control allowed us to meet all the standards that WESTLAND products have been famous for since its inception. At the same time, it was decided to develop the brand in South-East Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

Adaptation to the Russian market
In the 90s, TM WESTLAND appeared in Russia. Traditionally, a large selection of jeans-classic and fashionable silhouettes, an abundance of Vars, fabrics with various additives (wool, hemp, Sorona, flax, etc.), a wide size range, as well as lightweight and insulated denim that is relevant to the climate of our country, appealed to the taste and, importantly, the purse of the Russian buyer and allowed the Company to build a wide retail network in the 2000s, and in the 2010s to launch online trade in goods of this brand. A significant role in the commitment of the Russian buyer to TM WESTLAND is also played by the ability to choose both men's and women's total look: in addition to jeans, you can buy outerwear, cut and knitted knitwear, shirts, dresses and accessories in the brand's stores. The modern style of WESTLAND is a combination of the traditions of the denim brand with the fashionable and comfortable casual style, so beloved by the citizens."



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