А new style of making coffee in the Nespresso collection


Carafe Pour-Over Style is a new style of making filter coffee format in the Nespresso collection. This is a brewing technology, when drink is prepared in a large volume by the craft method of pouring water through a funnel with coffee.

Nespresso is launching a new innovative solution to make the preparation of filter coffee accessible to everyone. Thanks to the innovative coffee brewing system Centrifusion ® , the Vertuo Next coffee machine is able to prepare delicious large-volume coffee (535 ml.), and the Vertuo Carafe coffee pot allows you to conveniently and elegantly serve a drink in the company of loved ones. The blend is suitable exclusively for the Vertu Next coffee machine.

Until 22.09.21, buy Vertuo Next coffee machines at a special price of 5,990 rubles, when buying from 100 coffee capsules

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