In OLDOS! Kids every second item from the lingerie collection is a GIFT!


In OLDOS! Kids store from 09/02/21 to 09/22/21, buying 2 (two) items from the collection of underwear, you will get the second as a GIFT! Pajamas, sets, tops, panties and more at super bargain prices.

Stylish, comfortable and breathable underwear will bring comfort to your children. Fabrics made from natural materials, pleasant to the touch, do not cause allergies. Elastic and soft elastic bands, flat seams and a comfortable fit, eliminates slipping and twisting.

The discount is provided for every second item of the lingerie category with the lowest cost, with a one-time purchase of two or more promotional items and is evenly distributed among all items in the check. The quantity of goods is limited.

The promotion can be terminated early by the decision of the organizer.
For details of the action, check with the store employees and on the website
*Does not constitute a public offer. Learn more about offer's details from the shop's staff.

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