LIMÉ presents men's and children's lines


The LIMÉ men's line is a mix of thought-out basics with bold fits, technical fabrics and unusual wash denim.
The collection features three style directions: classic fits and colours (Gentle), minimalism with contemporary details (Smart), and street and sporty styles (Urban).
The line is designed with great emphasis on the quality of materials. Among the new items are a real leather jacket, a wool blend polo shirt, mercerised cotton T-shirts, and a technical fabric suit. Soon, sweaters and cardigans made of cashmere and 100% wool will be available on sale.
Clothing sizes: S-XXL, trousers: 38-48.
Shoe sizes: 40-45.
The LIMÉ children's line is comfortable urban clothing for children and teenagers with a well-thought-out, functional design. The line is designed for children ages 3 to 6 and those ages 7 to 14. Models are made of heavyweight cotton, which will retain its colour and shape for a long time after washing.
This collection does not follow traditional colour divisions for girls and boys - its colours, prints, and cuts reflect current fashion trends. The collection includes everyday wear in French and Scandinavian styles, suits and formal wear for school or special occasions, and loose-fitting models in a sporty style.
Among the new items is a set of a shirt with patch pockets in camel colour and cargo trousers with an elastic band that does not restrict movement. Sweaters and dresses are decorated with animal prints that are relevant this season. Another seasonal trend is garment dyeing. Vintage-coloured hoodies and joggers are a must-have for walking and playing outdoors.
Leather shoes and accessories complete the look.

Size range:

Collection for boys and girls 3-6 years old:
Height - 98-116 cm, shoe size - 28-32.
Collection for boys and girls 7-14 years old:
Height - 122-164 cm, shoe size - 33-38.

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