The new autumn collection of FINN FLARE with a warm mood


For many, the cold season is a reason for sadness, the new autumn collection of FINN FLARE is full of optimism and brings with it comfort, comfort and confidence, helping in any bad weather to stay in harmony not only with the outside world, but also with yourself.
The classic range, complemented by elegant autumn and soothing natural shades, reminds us that autumn is primarily a time of colorful foliage, the smell of a moist forest, a deep blue sky and the sun is so golden and soft, which it never happens in other seasons. One of the main characters of the collection was the illuminating color – the very symbol of the joy of life, which will lift the mood even in the rainy season. The sunny mood is supported by the green color of Irish herbs, as well as charming shades of pink – playful, romantic and tremulous. Fiery red will give energy during periods of sleepy slush, and warm terracotta and root beer will give stability and confidence that everything will definitely be fine.
With the release of the new collection, FINN FLARE also remained true to the environmental agenda. In the deep blue color, which has become one of the main characters of the collection, there is a call not to forget about the important thing – the World Ocean, which so needs our attention.
Refined silhouettes, elegance, characterize the autumn collection and elegant forms, which are not so often found in outerwear for everyday wear. One of the main trends of the season is voluminous sleeves that inspire and make the image soft and romantic. To maintain an optimistic mood, FINN FLARE has created bright coats in shades of yellow, lime and orange, which even the November grayness will not be able to drown out.
A special feature of the FINN FLARE autumn collection is a new reading of classic forms: from strict sundresses with actual lapels, reminiscent of school, pleated skirts and knitted vests to quilted outerwear and draped coats.
The designers of the brand also paid attention to one of the main wardrobe masters in the new season-knitted clothes. The main idea of the collection is to preserve harmony with oneself under any external circumstances, which is served by the comfort of fabrics, the softness of materials and the romance of styles. The most relevant are asymmetric models and striped knitwear, as well as a combination of three or four colors in one image. A variety of ornaments, a high collar, unusual sleeves are significant details of the images of the autumn-winter season.
Another of the finds of the collection were new yarns-fantasy with a pile of "grass", things from which are similar to fur, and with cashmere in the composition-incredibly soft and silky and at the same time warming. And so that the softness and warmth themselves do not turn out to be defenseless before autumn showers, advanced fabric protection technologies are used for outerwear – lamination and special moisture-proof impregnations that will not allow the autumn bad weather to get too close.

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