Dear visitors of the Kashirskaya Plaza shopping and entertainment center!
From January 1, 2020, parking conditions will change. Underground parking is free for all visitors on weekdays.
On weekends, the first 2 (two) hours of parking are free. The third hour is 100 (one hundred) rubles. The cost of subsequent hours is 50 (fifty) rubles per hour.
For visitors to the Auchan hypermarket, the Kinomax cinema and the World Class fitness club (world class), customers of the Autoclub Moscow car wash (autoclab Moscow or otherwise) on weekends - the first 4 (four) hours are free, the next hour - 100 ( one hundred) rubles, the next hours at 50 (fifty) rubles per hour upon presentation of a ticket, club card or check from 1000 (one thousand) rubles for car wash services at the information desk.
Validation of checks from 1000 rubles in the Auchan hypermarket is carried out on the territory of the store.
Parking for people with a disability is free of charge upon presentation of an appropriate certificate at the information desk.
All information on the reduced rate, as well as the renewal of your coupons, you can get on the information desk, which is located on the first upper floor near the central entrance, as well as in the Auchan hypermarket in the customer service point.
Thank you for attention!