12 Storeez

12Storeez embodies an idea of timeless wardrobe essentials and thought-through colour combinations. Each item can be worn by itself or easily turned into a perfect combination with our brand new ones. Going well together our clothing will make it possible for you to create multiple eye-catching choices on a day-to-day basis.
We avoid seasonal collections. New items come out every month, 12 times a year. This is why we are 12Storeez: 12 stories - 12 mini collections.
12Storeez collections are created by the talented Golomazdina twin-sisters, Marina and Irina. They don’t have a degree in fashion design, though: first, the girls studied the piano for 10 years, and after graduating from college they went straight into their first jobs. Prior to 12Storeez, Marina held the position of fashion director at Cosmopolitan Shopping for 8 years. Irina has 12 years’ experience in fashion retail.
The sisters themselves do not like the word designer and have no plans for conquering the fashion world or bringing a revolution to the industry. Their biggest dream is for the 12Storeez clothing to be worn worldwide.
Irina and Marina: ‘We don’t take trends seriously, nor do we have a tendency to compare our brand with others in the market. We simply enjoy doing what we do and, thankfully, there are those who share our passion.



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