Conso wear-Italian style for all occasions!

Conso wear is a large manufacturing holding company that has a number of its own brands: Conso, Volcante, Lora Grig, Arina Festivata, Arina + Nirey.
High-tech production, elegant cut lines, impeccable designs, noble colors and absolute comfort are the main components of the brand's success.
Every season we produce the latest collections: down jackets, jackets, jumpsuits, women's clothing and knitwear, swimwear and accessories.
Conso Wear is the epitome of femininity, beauty, understated sexuality and impeccable Italian style, which is combined with exceptional quality and unsurpassed comfort. The task of the brand is to keep up with the times and offer customers only the best and most up-to-date. This season's new collection is proof of that.




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