Holding Center

For 30 years the Holding-Center company has been helping you - our clients - find your own style and self-confidence. We know everything and even more about fashion trends and your tastes. Today HC Department Stores are European shopping for the whole family with a wide range of men's and women's clothing brands: 

  • Betty Barclay
  • Rabe
  • Barbara Lebek
  • Monari
  • Marc Cain
  • Luisa Cerano
  • Fank Walder
  • Comma, etc. 

HC Department Stores - real fashion space. We hold meetings and master classes for you with recognized fashion experts - Alexander Vasiliev, Alexander Rogov, Vlad Lisovets and many others. Welcome to the Stylist Days  at the HC Deprtment Stores to find out how to create your own unique image for any occasion. Follow fashion tips and new trends on our social media pages.



10:00 - 22:00