MARELLA is an elegant style that has stood the test of time!
         The history of the world-famous brand MARELLA dates back to 1951, to the Italian antique city of Reggio Emilie, where Aquile Maramotti founded Max Mara, which is today one of the leading companies in pret-à-porter. In 1976, the MARELLA line appeared in the Max Mara brand, which became so popular among stylish business women that it grew to be an independent brand in 1988.
Today MARELLA is presented on 4 continents and in over 50 countries and the number of fans is constantly growing. The world's top models continue to appear in MARELLA advertising campaigns such as Stella Maxwell, Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, and famous actresses such as Milla Jovovich.
The main concept of MARELLA is the versatility of high-quality clothing and the ability to combine and create looks for any weather and any occasion. You can wear it to work and to a party or a date.
The brand gained its popularity due to high-quality fabrics, its unique style that can be seen in each season, and its key lines that are a part of the brand that help you create your ideal look.
The main MARELLA lines are ART365 project consisting of all-season functional items that can be combined and worn 365 days a year; project MONOCHROME that brings sustainability and the creation of a timeless wardrobe which is always stylish and up-to-date; SPORT, which brings an active and dynamic mood, offering original fabrics, denim clothes, T-shirts, and puffer jackets; project THINDOWN, consisting of all-season puffer jackets made of unique down fabric without stitching and providing high thermal insulation and minimal heat loss; and of course, the main brand line, that is a part of the contemporary classic of fashion.
Besides, each season MARELLA collaborates with famous and talented artists, that together with the brand create special item collections. Such collaborations create a bright, artistic, memorable, and always up-to-date character which is inherent in Italy itself.



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