This has never happened before! 
The collection of clothes for the school Orby School 2021 inspires with its design innovations! 
Here you will find the most boring school history - comfortable oversize, stylish knitwear, trendy cage print. 
All fabrics contain natural fibers, including wool and comply with GOST, things are easily washed and completed with each other. 
In Orby, you can easily and quickly pick up a complete wardrobe for a student, including autumn jackets and coats.
A separate pleasant surprise is a Sports line based on the cult bestseller Harry Potter. Fantastic prints and comfortable practical fabrics will appeal to both parents and schoolchildren. 
The most important event of this year in the history of the brand is the creation of a unique innovative product! Cool school clothes with smart corrector Orby!UP. 
This is a modern technology for posture control, convenient control in a mobile application and the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for a child. The technology was developed jointly with the scientific center SCOLKOVO and




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