Street Shoes

Street Shoes - is a new and bright store of women's shoes.

Our mission is to provide our beautiful customers with stylish, truly high-quality shoes and at the same time at an affordable cost. We want to make each girl special and expressive, and begin to do this with shoes!

The store presents shoes and accessories of several foreign brands:

Graciana - is a well-known shoes brand whose homeland is romantic Italy. For more than 20 years of existence, Graciana shoes have managed to win the hearts of millions of customers. Stylish, refined, moderately strict, frivolous and at the same time very comfortable and high-quality shoes combined the moods of several designers. The production uses only natural materials - leather, suede, pony, rabbit fur and mink. Graciana today is an exclusive Italian shoes that brings a truly aesthetic pleasure by one of its look.

Carmela - is a Spanish brand of fashionable women's shoes made from natural materials, which has conquered millions of hearts in Europe. All Carmela shoes are made in Spain using exclusively natural materials, leather and suede. The production of Carmela shoes is based on the basic principles - attention to detail, use of natural materials and modern technology, experience and love for creating shoes. This distinguishes Carmela shoes from the rest. Makes it truly comfortable, stylish and of high quality.

Street Shoes store works directly with manufacturers of the presented brands, which allows us to set affordable prices.

Every day we try to provide a high level of service and maintenance, not inferior to European boutiques. We want that wonderful girls feel themself comfortable and cozy.

For us you are all princesses, and your smiles and stylish legs are the highest reward!



10:00 - 22:00