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THOMAS MÜNZ STORE! Modern trends of world fashion and absolute comfort in one place.

Own brands: THOMAS MÜNZ is already a legendary shoe brand that combines two main directions: comfort and style. Each pair of THOMAS MÜNZ shoes is a unique combination of fashion trends, absolute comfort and excellent quality.

BRIGGS is a brand with an independent outlook on the world! Quality and comfort combined with bold design solutions make the brand authentic and in demand. Who is it for? For men who treat their appearance as a manifestation of their own character. Be confident and free in all manifestations together with BRIGGS.

BRIDGET – elegant, stylish and affordable shoes for women. The combination of design, color solutions, comfort, decorative elements and a pleasant price will not leave any representative of the fair sex indifferent. To be feminine is to be in BRIDGET.

MÜNZ SHOES are comfortable shoes made in classic German design canons and in calm color solutions. For you, shoes in classic and casual style. MÜNZ SHOES is a classic of comfort.

LOLLI|POLLI is a new youth brand of shoes and accessories, promoting the ease of choosing "your Self" and demonstrating your inner world to others. The brand is divided into two parts and reflects two characters: - LOLLI - a bright, bold, provocative girl - POLLI – a gentle, romantic, calm girl. LOLLI|POLLI – for a different "you"!

O2 LIVE is a brand of shoes and accessories in a sporty style for girls. The collection includes such trends as Sport casual and Sport street. The O2 LIVE brand introduces sport style into everyday images of a modern active girl to show that sports style is a way of life.

Choose your lifestyle with THOMAS MUNZ STORE!

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